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For us, at Fogarolli, coffee is so much more than just a beverage. It’s part of our Italian heritage. So, you can imagine, we take it bloody seriously. In order to achieve the highest quality possible, we hand-pick Arabica beans from a selected few plantations in South and Central America. The beans are then washed and roasted slowly to develop and accentuate its original flavours and aromas. To maintain the highest and consistent quality possible, we update the coffee blend and roasting profile at least four times a year. It is just as time consuming as it sounds. But you can’t hurry love.





    Vårt egna kaffe som malda bönor. Kaffet är både ekologiskt och Fairtrade och levereras med en designad Fogarolliburk i metall.


    Denna artikel lagerhålls på vårt egna lager. Uppskattad leveranstid: 3-5 dagar.


    Vi levererar enbart inom Sverige. / We only ship within Sweden.


    Fri frakt vid köp av produkter för mer än 600 kr.


    Beställda varor går även att hämta på vårt kontor på

    Industrigatan 14 i Ystad.

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