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Hanna Engblom 

Hanna, a former truck driver from Gothenburg, has a passion for nutrition and to share her culinary skills with family and friends. And lots of them. Her other passion is photography and she is often seen carrying a camera around her neck. Before she captured the imagination of coffee lovers, she captured laughing children, happy families and the occasional wedding. 


She spotted her first Fogarolli coffee van at a food market in Borås, and it was love at first sight. The coffee was amazing and the entire experience was something Hanna wanted more of. The Fogarolli barista answered her many enthusiastic questions and motivated her to take the plunge and become a franchisee. She had her own coffee van a month later. The initial plan was for Hanna's father, who was newly retired, to help her from time to time. But he thought it was so much fun that he is now on the payroll.

Being able to set her own schedule is important to Hanna and the Fogarolli setup offers her complete freedom and flexibility. Also, the fact that she can be her own boss but still have access to support whenever she needs it, is a major factor why she chose Fogarolli.


Whenever she parks the bright red coffee van it automatically creates a fun and friendly atmosphere. People always approach her with smiles on their faces. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an environment? 


Engbloms Barista AB

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