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Thorbjørn Ulstrup Hansen

Thorbjørn is a hospitality veteran who always dreamed of becoming the “lord of his own house”. He started as a busboy at the tender age of 13 and by 32 he was running the show, managing two busy cafés. When he became the proud father of twins, it became apparent that there would be no so-called work-life balance. Thorbjørn decided to go into teaching in order to share his extensive retail and hospitality knowledge with the next generation. But the itch was there. The itch to start his own business. So, when he spotted a Fogarolli van at an event in Herning, he knew.

Thorbjørn is based in Federicia but he is quite happy to travel quite some distance to attend an event. As long as it sounds fun and that he thinks he can contribute. You see, Thorbjørn, with his background in sales and hospitality, is all about providing an experience. And value. 


He not only creates a great atmosphere with brilliant tasting coffee, he also likes to understand what his clients want out of each event, so he can help them achieve their objectives. Want more leads? I gotcha. Talk about a new product line? You’ve got it. Like he says: “I want to be a tool, not just a service”. 


Coffee Connect 

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